Fee Management System

The manual process of fee management is tedious as the fee structure differs from grade to grade. Maintaining records of the fees paid, defaulters, issuing receipts involves humongous amount of paper work and is requires manpower. At the same time, the parents have to make time to visit the school to make the payments. Implementing a premium fee management system makes life easier for both the school and parents.

My School Diary
App helps school simplify the

  • Fee collection process.
  • Issuing fee receipts.
  • Excellent fee classification system.
  • Easy analyzes of fee defaulters.
  • And generating fees report for each individual student.
  • The total amount to be paid each term.
  • On-line payment facility.
  • Fee due date.

LIVE Collection Dashboard – Real-time data on Weekly / Monthly / Term Wise / Yearly fee collections

  • Customizable Fee Structure
  • Streamline Collection Schedule
  • Online & Offline Fee Collections
  • Generate Fee Receipt
  • Customized Fee Reports
  • LIVE Collection Dashboard


Ease of functioning

Accounts and finance department of the educational institutions can work in tandem with each other without any hassles. My School Diary ensures there is accuracy in documentation.

Auto Numbering

No redundancy in the numbering of fee receipts even if the fee is remitted in form of cash payment. The fees can be remitted in form of cheque or paid online.


The application sends real time notifications and alerts to the school when a student pays the fee online and fee payment reminders to the parents.

Safe and Secure Payment Gateway

The niche technologies allow the parents to make payments from anywhere and at any time.

Customized Fee Reports

My School Diary application allows the school to generate customized fee payment reports.

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