Benefits of Fee Management

Accuracy in the documentation

It is very easy to handle and manage for the finance department and we can find more accuracy in tallying other than manual entry.

Calculation of Fee amount

There will be no error in calculating the fee of a student, extra consideration like scholarship, hostel fee, Van / Bus fee and other student charges.

Receipt Numbering

There will be an automatic receipt numbering which is reduces the human error. The school can also maintain the payments received as cash, bank transfer or through card.

Safe & Secure

Parents can pay the fee anytime; anywhere which is more secured. They can save their time by not standing or waiting to paying the fee in the school.

Easily Customizable

School can able to customize their theme color and have more customized options. It benefits the School with customized reports of fee payment.


It enables real time notification to both parent & the institution regarding the fee paid / received from devices.