Kalvi 2.0

In 2020, My School Diary took on the most aspiring mission to bring Digital Transformation to the Government Schools of Tamil Nadu. The Ultimate Goal is to automate the Academic and Administrative Process hassle-free for all administrators, from the Headmaster to the classroom Teachers who are directly interacting with the students.

Project Kalvi 2.0 was born out of our vision of connecting students, teachers, and administrators in a single platform.

Kalvi 2.0 is a robust school management system, designed and developed by MSD leveraging the best-in-class technologies to enable Government Schools in their Digital Transformation journey. Kalvi 2.0 can track and streamline students’ information efficiently and empower the school teachers and administrators with student data with a single click of a button.

But why is this project so important?

While the Government / Corporation Schools already have some processes like maintaining the Student / Teacher data through the EMIS website, our goal is to improvise the existing process with more advanced features and a “MOBILE FIRST” approach. We want to enable the Govt / Corporation School students with all the CBSE and ICSE students’ opportunities. We want to go with the “MOBILE FIRST” approach as mobile adoption across rural Tamil Nadu has been increasing at a very fast pace since March 2020.

We understand Government schools are already dealing with a vast number of administrative processes, from issuance of certificates, managing the admission, maintaining the student records, sending the reports to Education Department with real-time data. To make this process simpler and seamless with technological support, MSD came up with this ambitious initiative Project Kalvi 2.0. This, highly scalable and robust platform built using cutting-edge technologies, will ensure our Government / Corporation schools can now fully focus on their primary goals of educating India’s future thinkers.

We started with a very successful pilot program in 2020 with a few Government / Corporation Schools in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. The first pilot program was launched by Honourable Coimbatore Corporation Commissioner Mr. Rajagopal Sunkara IAS on September 2021. After the launch, we have students from all walks of life & various socio-economic background in Tamil Nadu already benefitting from this project and will continue to do so.

MSD is designed to manage a comprehensive school administration process. School Administrators can use the MSD school management application to streamline the processes like preparation of Bonafide Certificates, generation of various Student Reports, Lists of Scholarships, Board Examination database, which Teachers can manage Student Progress Report, Class Promotion lists, Assignments and Attendance Reports. Most importantly parents can keep a better track of their ward progress in school through MSD desktop and mobile applications. The system will become a critical facet of everyday school operations.

MSD plans to take progressive learning and reinforce good behavior to the next level by gamifying and introducing fun rewards-and-loyalty plans to kids. In the future, MSD plans to add new features to provide micro-level and macro-level analytics on multiple performance indicators, enabling educators and government regulators to make real-time data-driven decisions.

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