Need for Preparing Teachers for Inclusive Education

Teachers play the most crucial role by shaping the student’s life by being responsible not only for academics but for making them better human beings as well. With being granted such a big role, it becomes necessary that they are equipped with the skills and knowledge for an inclusive education so that no students are not left behind. This method of education provides an opportunity to the marginalised who have been excluded to get a fair chance at advancing in their lives.

Inclusive education might create opportunities for the disadvantaged, but the onus of executing it usually falls on the teachers. Even when it’s mandated, it’s necessary to bring out an attitude change for it to be successful. It becomes necessary for the teachers to be provided with the training to be able to teach a diverse class. However, the amount of schools providing training to teachers is considerably low. The World Teachers’ Day 2020 Fact Sheet by UNESCO reports that the highest percentage of time is registered in Shanghai, China (27%) and the lowest in the Netherlands (11%). There has been considerable progress brought in countries like Chile, Colombia, and Ecuador who have incorporated transversal content on this subject into their teaching training policies.

The teachers won’t be able to alone bring out changes with policies but need active help from institutional directors. The classrooms should be provided with resources to be able to teach a diverse student body. Training programs should be conducted so that a teacher is able to address every student irrespective of their gender, disability among others. Education is a right that no student should be excluded from and using this method, helps to bridge the gap for the marginalised. It becomes important for the teachers to be trained so that they are not excluding students while teaching.

This article is written by Yogada Sharma, a member of Team SchooPed. Source :

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